World Wrestling Entertainment

World Wrestling Entertainment

World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE as it is most often referred to is a publicly owned entertainment company that deals with professional wrestling and the organization of wrestling entertainment tournaments. Over the years, this company has expanded beyond merely organization tournaments as it has ventured into the movie, TV, video games, product sales, and other industries.

WWE was founded in 1952 by Jess McMahon and Toots Mondt and initially, the name of this company was Capitol Wrestling Corporation Ltd. Since then, this company has grown to become the biggest wrestling promotions companies in the world and it is currently organization more than 800 different events all over the world. Some estimates speak about more than 36 million people watching episodes of this wrestling competition and some numbers even indicate that WWE is being broadcasted in 150 countries in the world.

When it comes to WWE, it needs to be said that the wrestling tournaments that they are organizing do not have anything to do with the professional wrestling sports. All the WWE matches and tournaments are scripted and the winner is already familiar even before wrestlers get into the ring. However, even though the moves of the wrestlers are choreographed in detailed before the show, there is still a big risk of injuries and it happened numerous times that a wrestler gets injured as it is sometimes impossible to control the movements of wrestlers in the ring who want to make their fight as much realistic as possible.

Since 1980, WWE has been advertised as sports entertainment in order to make a clear distinction between professional wrestling and wrestling that appear in the WWE shows. The popularity of WWE has been growing constantly since 1980 but in 2014 it started to grow very fast as WWE launched their own streaming network that streamed WWE matches during the entire day, every day in the week. That provided WWE fans to enjoy in the current matches as well as new fans of this entertainment who had the opportunity to watch some of the biggest and the legendary matches from history.

Wrestlers that appear on WWE tournaments or shows are signed to WWE organization through the exclusive contracts. That means that those wrestlers cannot perform for any other company that deals with similar business. The rise of WWE has also caused the rise of competition as several other companies have started to organize similar tournaments. Because of that, WWE has decided to introduce exclusive contracts for some of their biggest stars.

However, some of those stars have appeared in some other events but that had to be approved by WWE before and in the majority of cases, it was a result of cooperation between WWE and the other company that wanted to promote their events. When it comes to the details of those contracts, not a lot of facts are known. WWE has decided to keep the information about the size of the contract, salary, benefits, and other contractual information a secret.

WWE has been under a lot of fire over the years mostly because they characterize their wrestlers in their contracts as independent contracts. Over the years, several studies have proven that wrestlers should be considered as employees of WWE instead of independent contracts. However, WWE keeps refusing that characterization of wrestlers which has many consequences for wrestlers. Without having the status of the employee, those wrestlers are not able to achieve some of the benefits that other employees have. Many have claimed that by calling wrestlers independent contractors, WWE is avoiding playing their obligations for those wrestlers. Because of that, this company has been under serious fire by people who fight for the rights of employees.

Even though WWE is not a professional sports organization, it still has implemented strict drug-testing policies. Before 2006, wrestlers were regularly undergoing drug tests that were used to check whether or not any of the wrestlers are using steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. Initially, the testing was done by the organization but in 1991, the independent testing agency took over that business. However, independent drug-testing was terminated in 1996.

In 2006, one of the biggest WWE stars in the world, Eddie Guerrero died and that has caused the company to rethink their drug-testing policies. Because of that, WWE announced the launch of The Talent Wellness Program in 2006. This program tests wrestlers on alcohol, drug, recreational drug, prescribed medication, steroids, and other performance-enhancing substances. Besides that, as a part of this program, each wrestler undergoes medical testing for the developing or pre-existing cardiac problems which is yet another way for an organization to make sure that all wrestlers are healthy and that their lives are not in danger.

Thanks to this program, WWE doctors were able to diagnose one of the wrestlers with a serious cardiac issue that could have deadly consequences if it was not discovered. Even though many have criticized WWE for this kind of drug testing policy, in several cases, this program proved to be successful. Over the years, WWE had a lot of scandals and many believed that it will not be able to survive for a long time. However, WWE is still one of the biggest companies in the world of entertainment and they are not planning on stopping.