About Triple M Promotions

Triple M Promotions is one of the most prominent wrestling organizations based in the United Kingdom. Triple M Promotions brings the very best wrestlers to the UK in the events regularly organized by them. Since its introduction, the organization has become one of the most prominent in the field as many worldwide recognized wrestlers were gathered together. Therefore, these days when you think about wrestling industry in the UK, you think about Triple M Promotions.

Kevin Nash with Triple M Promotions

Kevin Nash WWE

The organization was able to gather many prominent names in the industry including Kevin Nash who was on a spoken tour with the organization in the UK this September. The WWE Hall of Famer Kevin is the six-time world heavyweight champion. He has been out there in the ring for more than twenty-five years as pro wrestler. On his tour with Triple M Promotions, he revealed his rivalries with Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, and The Undertaken. He also spoke about his personal life and about how he found Triple M Promotions. In fact, the organization found him. After the introduction, Kevin Nash decided to go on his tour throughout the UK with Triple M Promotions.

The organization revealed a part of his interview with them where he discussed the huge impact he had with his transfer from WWF to WCW. He also once again talked about forming the NOW with Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan. The tour went well. It took place from 7TH September to 10TH that same month in Leicester, Edinburgh, and Newcastle. He as a part of Triple M Promotions was able to attract wrestling fans from all over the United Kingdom and those three days on the tour went better than expected. The organization took care of everything on those three days on Kevin's major UK tour.

Meet Triple M Promotions Stars

The organization takes care of their wrestling stars by organizing events, bringing new sponsors and everything also. Wrestling fans in the UK have an opportunity to meet Triple M Promotion starts as the organization regularly sets up meet and greet events where the audience can meet their favorite wrestling stars.

The organization also sets up photo and signing sessions, so the audience also can take pictures with their favorite wrestlers. These meet and greet, signing and photo sessions take place regularly in different UK cities. For instance, the audience was more than happy to meet a huge Triple M Promotions star Lita back in April this year. The events took place in different cities including Leicester, Aberdeen, and Leeds.

Meet the Biggest Wrestling Stars

Triple M Promotions also organizes evenings with their stars. At those events, the audience has an opportunity to meet their favorite wrestler at these evenings also regularly organized in the different city. For instance, one of the latest evening events was with The Big Guy who is a huge wrestling star. These events usually take about four hours as the host speaks with the star about almost anything. One of the most popular events organized by Triple M Promotions was an evening with Ken Shamrock that took place in March this year. The audience was able to meet one of the most popular pro wrestlers in the UK.

The audience in cities Leeds, Derby and London was more than happy since Kevin was there for three days while on his The Most Dangerous Tour. The Triple M Promotions organized an evening with Kurt Angle last year. The event took place in six cities including London, Leicester, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester, and Rotherham. At that time, great Kurt Angle was on his The Golden Truth Tour. Several years before organizing an evening with Kurt Angle, Triple M Promotions also organized an evening with two biggest starts The Million Dollar Man or Ted Dibiase and Hacksaw or Jim Duggan in Edinburgh, Derby, and Leeds.

Organizing Pro Live Wrestling Events

Since its introduction, the organization has hosted many live wrestling events which have attracted audiences from all over the UK. All events are sponsored by a popular bingo website that ranks brands and informs readers about playing bingo on mobile devices. The organization held their debut pro wrestling live event back on 23rd of April 2015. The event was titled St George's Day Mayhem. The event took place at the Hermitage Leisure Centre in Leicestershire. It featured one of the biggest names in the wrestling industry like WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart alongside some other big names from the British wrestling scene. Triple M Promotions has become of the leading names in the industry as they brought Ric Flair to the United Kingdom. The company also rose to prominence after bringing Golden Truth Tour and Kurt Angle.

Michael Sleigh and Matthew Ward are the proud owners of Triple M Promotions. They are huge fans of wrestling. Both of them became interested in the industry back in the 90s. However, Michael was more interested in WCW while Matthew commonly watched WWF. Both of them were introduced to the wrestling by their families. Since they simply loved everything about wrestling, they decided to introduce their wrestling organization in order to bring some of the biggest names in the industry to the UK. It is more than apparent, they have succeeded as their company has become one of the leading wrestling organizations in the UK. Their organization is one of the top wrestling promotions which fans gladly keep an eye on. The organization introduced some of the biggest names in the industry on their pro live wrestling events like Bret Hart, Ted DiBiase, and Jim Duggan. The organization won't stop here as they want to bring more big names to the UK wrestling scene in the upcoming months.


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